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Pickerington North Band Boosters


Welcome to the Pickerington High School North Band Boosters web page. Here you can find information on upcoming Booster events and contact information for Band Boosters leadership.

Articles of Incorporation/Code of Regulations

Urgent Need!

A short time ago, we purchased bus #9 from the Peterman Bus Company. Some of you may have seen it sitting in front of the PAC recently. It has always been the plan to have it painted so it no longer looks "like a school bus." Unfortunately, like most budgets, things took precedence over this task. On this list were newer instruments, competition expenses, and other repairs.

We have recently learned that not having the bus painted is against code. Ohio law forbids using buses that look like school buses when they aren't. We also learned we could be fined or penalized for this.

We are asking for your help in getting the bus painted as soon as possible. David Gorman of Gorman Automotive has graciously agreed to repair and paint the bus at his cost! But, even with his generosity, the job will cost us $4000 at least.

We are offering sponsorships for your tax deductible donations to help us meet (or exceed) our goal! In return for your charitable contributions, your name would be listed on the back of the bus for all to see! We are offering the following sponsorships:

Platinum - $1000+

Gold - $500+

Silver - $250+

Bronze - $100+

Any money raised over what we need to paint the bus would remain in an account dedicated for future repairs of the bus. We know we have an awesome band family that always steps up in our times of need. Whether it's volunteering, attending functions, or financially, any help is always appreciated. Please help us make our goal and have a nice, sharp bus sitting in front of our school for all to see!

38.8% Funded
$1550 Raised
5 Sponsors